As a mother-to-be, pregnant with my first child, I was concerned about the abundance of synthetic chemicals found in mainstream mother and baby products so sought out natural and organic alternatives for myself and my baby.

My daughter was born in October 2011 and my son in November 2013 following home water births and the natural approach I took during my first pregnancy continues as the children grow and I choose natural and organic products over synthetic when possible and do my best to limit unnecessary and harmful chemicals in our lives.

Some of the synthetic chemicals I choose to avoid can be responsible for conditions ranging from skin irritation and eczema to allergies and hormone disruption. Astonishingly some toxins found in mother and baby products are even known or suspected carcinogens and the products containing undesireable toxins include skincare, textiles and baby toys.  Choosing products made from natural and organic ingredients and materials is not only better for our babies and us but better for the environment too by helping to reduce the release of chemicals into the atmosphere, soil and water systems.

After my daughter's birth I decided to turn my passion and enthusiasm for natural, organic and toxin-free mother and baby products into a business that would allow me to work around my young daughter, so The Purely Natural Company was born.  The inspiration behind The Purely Natural company remains my children and I can personally recommend all of the brands sold by The Purely Natural Company having used them for my children or myself and all of the products sold are ones that, as a family, we have either used or would be happy to use.

The products we sell are free from all nasties including the following chemicals:

Artificial Colours and Fragrances


Petrochemicals (including DEA, MEA and TEA)


Propylene Glycol

Sulfates (SLS, SLES and ALES)

Mineral Oils





Animal products except beeswax

Chemical pesticide residue