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Showdown (Paradise, #1) When A Stranger Named Marsuvees Black Appears In Paradise, He Brings With Him A Message Of Hope And Love Or Is It Death And Hate Perhaps Neither Perhaps Both He Seems To Know Too Much About The Town S Many Unspoken Secrets, And He Himself Holds The Greatest Secret Of Them All As Black Clouds And Sandstorms Envelop The Town, It Becomes Almost Impossible To Get In Or Out It Quicky Becomes Apparent That Paradise Is Being Isolated For A Reason But Why Signature Edition

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    The sound of boots crunching into gravel carried across the blacktop while the man who wore them was still a shimmering black figure approaching the sign that read Welcome to Paradise, Colorado Population 450. The opening sentence of the first chapter is incredibly vivid and concise It s all too easy to lose yourself in Ted Dekker s fictional

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    If there were ever the opportunity to recreate original sin, this may be how it would turn out Showdown starts out enigmatic, and continues to keep you guessing through to the end There were times I had to walk away,thinking how can things get any worse , but was always drawn back to find out what happened next.Read the Circle Trilogy first Thoma

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    Oh boyI picked up this book because it was on someone s best Christian reads of list I was sorely disappointed Dekker is no different than many of the novelists of today The book has all the marks of the hastily written, sloppily edited pulp that fills the racks of airport bookstores The back of the book jacket says that Dekker is known for novels th

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    For my English final I chose to read this novel This was the first novel I ever read by Ted and when I started reading it, I was completely confused However, my friend who I borrowed the book from told me to keep reading and that I would soon start to love it I am very glad I listened to him It took me less than a week to read the book and I can honestly

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    The first thing I would say about this author is that he is definitely different This is the first Dekker book I ve had the pleasure of reading and I really liked how he was able to combine horror with a religious spin in a tactful way without being preachy I did get lost in just a couple of places trying to keep up with the personalities of the characters H

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    WOW, this book was AMAZING to me A very real Classic battle of Good vs Evil It had me, from pg 3, hook, line, and sinker Dekker has a way with drawing his readers in It s hard to escape the intensity that practically oozes out of the pages, and wow I got sucked in hard core And the plot blew me away I could not put the book down This is Dekker at his best IMO In

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    Disclaimer My rating for this book might not be entirely fair, considering I read only the first few chapters before skimming another 100 pages or so.The cover had me excited, since I m generally a sucker for modern Westerns Unfortunately, SHOWDOWN starts off lousy and only gets worse as the story progresses.I ve read or at least started several other Dekker novels,

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    Showdown good vs evil another epic saga by Ted Dekker One thing I love about Ted Dekker s book is that he pulls characters from various books of his Somehow, they all seem to be connected to each other, though they are great stand alone novels, as well.Here is the synopsis from the book itself It begins on a lazy summer day in a small, secluded mountain town named Parad

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    Dekker Deep At times disturbing Always stirring Dekker centers this book around the significance of writing, which I loved It has a sinister creepiness from the first page, and it doesn t let up as the suspense and fear builds As with most of his works, I often feel like a fool trying to grasp the secrets of the universe while reading his intriguing thoughts and pondering t

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    I read several Ted Dekker books within a month I found several of the titles, including this one to be quite intriguing, but weak The author drags the topic at hand on and on and on until suddenly there is a solution to the problem that comes out of left field with no explanation or follow through Because these are considered Christian books, I expectedteaching from them and wa

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Ted Dekker is known for novels that combine adrenaline laced stories with unexpected plot twists, unforgettable characters, and incredible confrontations between good and evil Ted lives in Austin with his wife LeeAnn and their four children.