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Lady Clementine New From Marie Benedict, The New York Times Bestselling Author Of The Only Woman In The Room An Incredible Novel That Focuses On One Of The People Who Had The Most Influence During World War I And World War II Clementine Churchill In , Clementine Churchill Steps Off A Train With Her New Husband, Winston An Angry Woman Emerges From The Crowd To Attack, Shoving Him In The Direction Of An Oncoming Train Just Before He Stumbles, Clementine Grabs Him By His Suit Jacket This Will Not Be The Last Time Clementine Churchill Saves Her HusbandLady Clementine Is The Ferocious Story Of The Brilliant And Ambitious Woman Beside Winston Churchill, The Story Of A Partner Who Did Not Flinch Through The Sweeping Darkness Of War, And Who Would Not Surrender Either To Expectations Or To Enemies

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    I didn t know anything about Clementine Churchill, and that s why this novel piqued my interest She is portrayed as intelligent, strong, with a mind of her own and views of her own on the politics of Britain and the world at large I loved that these were the things which seemed to attract Winston Church

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    3.5 stars, rounded upThis book is an interesting, but not engrossing, fiction of Clementine Churchill s marriage to Winston Clementine proved herself Winston s equal time and again Not afraid of speaking her mind, she was as enthused by politics as he was Benedict chooses smart women who were restrained by their

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    In September 1908, 23 year old Clementine Hozier became Mrs Winston Churchill As a powerful statesman s wife, Clementine was expected to be an intuitive and devoted woman playing a supporting role to her husband s endeavors However, Clementine Churchill would bethan just the woman behind one of history s most powerful men

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    Thanks to NetGalley, Sourcebooks and Marie Benedict for my copy of her new book Lady Clementine.In 1908, Clementine Hozier married Winston Churchill and it s the start of one of history s greatest unions Clementine was expected to be a Winston s wife, a mother to his future children and support his political career Clementine Church

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    Lady Clementine is the story of Clementine Churchill, wife of Winston Just after she married him, she has to pull him off the train tracks where he s been shoved by angry woman Clementine is a force throughout her marriage to Winston, never backing down and always fiercely protecting her husband.As a recent new fan of The Crown, I loved learn

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    I have read the biographies of Clementine Churchill 1885 1977 But this historical fiction brings this formidable woman to life.The book is well written and researched Winston and Clemmie were a definite power couple She must have been an amazing woman to deal with the ups and downs of Winston, bear five children, manage a large household on a shoestrin

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    Marie Benedict enjoys introducing her readers to women who in their own right led interesting lives beside the prominent men of the time Her latest historical fiction features, Clementine Churchill 1885 1977 , a formidable woman who spent her adult life building, supporting, and at times challenging her husband, Sir Winston Churchill, in politics Marie Benedict

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    Clementine Hozier Churchill 1885 1977 was a woman of great intelligence, who had skillfully influenced her husband s political career London, 1908 Clementine Hozier attracts attention of Winston Churchill by her intellect and responsiveness He is very impressed with her, stating, you listen, understand, and engage with the important issues of our day After five months of

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    Lady Clementine by Marie Benedict is a novel told in the first person by Clementine Churchill, the wife of Winston Churchill It seems very bold for the author to speak for Lady Clementine However, the writing is so believable at times it readlike an autobiography instead of a novel It is apparent that in depth research went into the writing of this very interesting story of a compl

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    I have to tell you that I did not like this book at all If I ever had any interest in Clementine Churchill this book has effectively killed it It s too bad because apparently she did do some good work during the War but this book just pounds away at giving her all the credit for Winston Churchill s success I don t buy it They probably did have a supportive relationship but I don t accept tha

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