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Raising Dragons (Dragons in Our Midst, #1) A Boy Learns Of His Dragon Past A Girl Has Known Hers For Years They Combine Their Faith, Courage, And Love To Overcome An Evil Slayer Who Seeks To Bring An End To Dragon Heritage, Forever.The Kids At School Call Billy Dragon Breath For Good Reason His Breath Is Bad It Isn T The Normal, Morning Mouth Bad It S The Hot As Fire, Don T You Dare Get Near Me Bad Trouble Erupts When His Hot Breath Sets Off The Fire Sprinklers In The Boys Restroom In School, And His Parents Learn That They Ve Kept Their Secret For Too Long.Billy Finally Discovers The Secret His Father Was Once A Dragon Now That S A Piece Of News A Guy Doesn T Deal With Every Day Billy Feels Betrayed, Alien, Lost When The Dragon Slayer Traps Him On A Cold Mountaintop In West Virginia, Billy Learns To Battle With Weapons Of Steel And Spirit While Relying On A Power He Doesn T Understand, A Power That Helps Him Learn To Trust Again.Bonnie, An Orphan, Tries To Find A Home, Someone To Love Her, Even Though She Feels Like A Freak Because Of A Body Feature That She Calls A Deformity But This Unusual Feature Becomes A Life Saving Attribute As She Discovers That Her Love For Others And Her Faith In A Creator Hold The Answers She S Looking For.

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    Review by my 10 yr old son Billy and Bonnie are both half dragons Bonnie has known her entire life but Billy only just found out Not long after hearing what he is, he finds himself on

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    This is at least my fourth time visiting Billy, Bonnie, and Walter in Castlewood and every time it s like returning to old friends A tale of a boy coming to grips with his father s hidden past,

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    I was tempted to give this five stars for entertainingly bad I mean, I have gotten a great deal of enjoyment from reading this, just not for the reasons the author intended.Now, before I get any further,

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Oh, this book is just awful It has a wonderful idea that dragons long ago had to take on human form in order to survive, that some of

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    I really enjoyed this It was many years ago when I first read this and I wasn t sure my opinion would be the same Overall it was A lot of fantasy some chase and intrigue and a dash of light comedy and good action The pace is

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    Raising Dragons is a fantasy by Bryan Davis about two kids Billy and Bonnie They are fairly normal teenagers except for one thing Billy breathes fire, and bonnie has wings Bonnie already knows one of her parents was a dragon, Billy fi

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    As a mother of young children and a lover of fantasy this book is a winner for me Knowing this is a book geared toward children and teens, I read it keeping my eyes open for appropriateness and characters with integrity I can say in that depart

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    The writing is slow and overly descriptive, so stunted that I just couldn t get into the pacing of the book Davis spends so many words explaining ideas, instead of letting things happen through dialogue The characters felt very juvenile and underdevelope

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    This book is simply amazing I picked it up and started reading not knowing how i would feel about it It seemed weird how dragons could be incorporated into a christian story and still be a good thing without contradicting itself But it was great, its one of those

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    good story for the most part, but the writing, ohhhhhhh horrible

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