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The Carnelian Legacy (Carnelian, #1) Marisa MacCallum Always Believed That The Man Of Her Dreams Was Out There Somewhere The Problem Is He S In Another DimensionAfter The Death Of Her Father, Eighteen Year Old Marisa S Life Is On The Verge Of Imploding She Seeks Comfort On Her Daily Ride Through The Woods Of Gold Hill, But When A Mysterious Lightning Storm Strikes, She Is Hurled Into The Ancient, Alternate Dimension Of Carnelia Where She Is Discovered By The Arrogant But Attractive Nobleman, Ambassador Darian Fiore Stranded In A World Teeming With Monsters, Maniacs And Medieval Knights, Marisa Is Forced To Join Darian On A Dangerous Mission To Negotiate Peace With His Cousin And Archenemy, Savino Da Rocha Along The Way, She Starts To See Darian S Softer Side And Finds Herself Falling In Love But Once She Learns That He Is Locked Into An Arranged Marriage, Her Heart ShattersWhen Savino Falls For Her Charms And Demands Her Hand In Exchange For Peace, Marisa Is Faced With An Impossible Choice Marry The Enemy Of The Man She Loves Or Betray Them Both And Become The Catalyst For A Bloody War

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    I desperately wanted this book to hook me, but I kept facing too many issues that prevented me from enjoying The Carnelian Legacy Which is regrettable because it was such an interesting take on living in a world with multiple dimensions I enjoyed the description of the world that Marisa MacCallum found herself in, and I truly adored Darian and Arrie who she first met upon arriving in

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    This was such a yummy book in so many ways I love stories that I can visualize as I read, and this was a book that you definitely could become one with The author is incredibly talented, and this becomes apparent right from the beginning Her descriptions are detailed, thorough and vivid And not just of the characters, but the surroundings, events, and history as well This story is very captiva

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    I m not into fairytales, modern or otherwise but, this story was a pleasing read The buildup of the suspense was gradually plotted out and mix of the alternate worlds added a finesse of historical fiction The characters were complex and interesting at their core I m not exactly into love triangles either, because their trite or romance in general, although as long as it s not the central focus of the bo

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    Although I didn t expect it, this book swept me away Adventure, romance, royalty, dangerous beasts, swords, shifting dimensions, heroines, nasty evil guys, conspiracy, secrets oh, and a hero we all dream of Yes, this story had it all.The story has the traditional flare of kings and kingdoms, horses and honor, while incorporating a modern day heroine Marisa, the main character, wants to find a few minutes of peace

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    Amazing Book I was blown away with the first few chapters I noticed right away that Cheryl s writing style is different than what you see every day I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out who to compare her to, but there is really no comparison She is incredibly gifted and writes in such a descriptive way, it makes everything come alive in vivid detail Now I know, this is a fantasy book, but I was so drawn in an

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    I was lost the whole time reading My Rating 2 stars the quality of writing increased my rating to two stars

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    This is one of the most amazing stories I ve read in a long while Marisa is such a strong character and to live in her world, be torn from her world and overcome so many obstacles en bloom into the person she always has been It is incredible

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    The Carnelian Legacy is a blend of romance, adventure and mystery with a dash of science fiction that begins when Marisa MacCallum, devastated by the death of her father disappears in a swirling vortex from the woods near her home in Jacksonville Oregon In another dimension she s found passed out by the handsome Ambassador Darian Fiore and his friend Lord Arrigo Arrie Macario who are on a dangerous mission to Abbadon to secure a peace treaty with his c

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    I received this book from the author and YA NA Romance in exchange for a honest review.Lately, I have been finding some real gems in the Fantasy Romance genre I really liked this book It was filled with interesting characters, a great plot, and unique world building I would say it is a clean romance, but this was not a negative to me The hero and the heroine through actions and words display a great longing for each other.Story The first scene sees our heroine M

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    4.5 StarsMarisa is dealing with the loss of her father He just passed away from cancer and it s hit her hard She misses him terribly After the funeral she gets on her horse and heads for the mountain to a place her father warned her not to visit All of the sudden lightning flashes, a tornado touches down, and she is transported to another dimension Once there two men find her One is devastatingly handsome and the other is attractive as well Luckily, they both speak her la

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