Make sure baby's snuggly this winter!

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Keep baby snuggly this winter!

Disana blanket baby

These gorgeous Disana blankets are made from 100% organic pure Merino wool and come in a variety of gorgeous colours.

Disana Wool Blanket - Brown  Disana Logo  Disana Wool Blanket - Blue

Disana Wool Blanket - Green  Disana Wool Blanket - Natural  Disana Wool Blanket - Berry

A bit about Disana...

Founded in Germany over 30 years ago, by Imma and Dietrich Sautter, Disana products are made under stringent ecological, social accountability and quality standards and carry GOTS and NATURTEXTIL "BEST" seals.


Disana is dedicated to producing fabrics which meet the highest ecological demands with the main focus being eco-friendliness.  The organic cotton and organic pure Merino wool used for Disana products are independently inspected and certified and the threads and fabircs produced by Dasana's trusted suppliers are procesed exclusively at their own works in Germany and nearby partner factories meaning all steps fo the products can be closely monitored.

Disana's stringent prodcuts processes mean the products are free from contaminents so they are safe and gentle on Baby's skin.


What is so great about wool?

Wool is an incrediable natural material!

Breathable - wool regulates itself according to an individual's own body temperature.  It provides warmth in the winter by wicking moisture away from the skin whilst trapping an insulating layer of air and is cool in the summer. because is removes excess heat and moisture from the body by drawing in air.

Naturally water resistent and dirt repellent - moisture vapour and dirt sits on the surface meaning that baby stays dry and it requires very little cleaning or washing.  It dries quickly and did you know it is even flame retardent!

Naturally hypoallergenic - wool doesn't collect static which attracts the dust that can carry allergens, making it a great chooice for babies and sufferers of asthma.

Organic wool - is pesticide free making it gentle on delicate skin.

Eco-friendly - eco-friendly process are used in the prodcution of wool and eco-freindly dyes are used when dying organic wool.


All items are available from our shop.

Which is colour is your favourite?  Did you know that wool is a great choice of material all year round?

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