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  1. Our pick of fab stocking fillers for under £10!


    Gorgeous natural rubber teethers

    Babies love our range of natural rubber, tactile teethers that appeal to all the senses.  All are BPA, Phthalate, PVC and nitrosamine-free.

    Lanco Bo Frog


    Organic cotton bandana bibs

    Soft and gentle on the skin, these lovely 100% organic cotton bibs are perfect for dribbly babies and come in a range of gorgeous designs for boys and girls and they're on sale!

    OFK Butterfly-bib


    Natural rubber bath toys

    Made from the natural rubber of the Hevea tree these bath toys are free from BPA, phthalates, PVC and nitrosamines meaning peace of mind for you while baby enjoys chewing and playing with them.

    Hevea Alfie jnr


    Bamboo Panda Comforters

    Fun, soft and snuggly these panda comforters are made from Organic cotton and bamboo, which is naturally anti-bacterial, breathable and very absorbent.

    RCC Puddle panda


    Browse through our shop to find the perfect stocking fillers for your baby this Christmas!

    What's your favourite item?

  2. Keep baby snuggly this winter!

    Disana blanket baby

    These gorgeous Disana blankets are made from 100% organic pure Merino wool and come in a variety of gorgeous colours.

    Disana Wool Blanket - Brown  Disana Logo  Disana Wool Blanket - Blue

    Disana Wool Blanket - Green  Disana Wool Blanket - Natural  Disana Wool Blanket - Berry

    A bit about Disana...

    Founded in Germany over 30 years ago, by Imma and Dietrich Sautter, Disana products are made under stringent ecological, social accountability and quality standards and carry GOTS and NATURTEXTIL "BEST" seals.


    Disana is dedicated to producing fabrics which meet the highest ecological demands with the main focus being eco-friendliness.  The organic cotton and organic pure Merino wool used for Disana products are independently inspected and certified and the threads and fabircs produced by Dasana's trusted suppliers are procesed exclusively at their own works in Germany and nearby partner factories meaning all steps fo the products can be closely monitored.

    Disana's stringent prodcuts processes mean the products are free from contaminents so they are safe and gentle on Baby's skin.


    What is so great about wool?

    Wool is an incrediable natural material!

    Breathable - wool regulates itself according to an individual's own body temperature.  It provides warmth in the winter by wicking moisture away from the skin whilst trapping an insulating layer of air and is cool in the summer. because is removes excess heat and moisture from the body by drawing in air.

    Naturally water resistent and dirt repellent - moisture vapour and dirt sits on the surface meaning that baby stays dry and it requires very little cleaning or washing.  It dries quickly and did you know it is even flame retardent!

    Naturally hypoallergenic - wool doesn't collect static which attracts the dust that can carry allergens, making it a great chooice for babies and sufferers of asthma.

    Organic wool - is pesticide free making it gentle on delicate skin.

    Eco-friendly - eco-friendly process are used in the prodcution of wool and eco-freindly dyes are used when dying organic wool.


    All items are available from our shop.

    Which is colour is your favourite?  Did you know that wool is a great choice of material all year round?

  3. 3 feeding essentials no new mum can do without!
    1 - Organic muslins

    Whether you're breast or bottle feeding, I don't think it's possible to have enough muslins!  For burps and dribbles, use them to place under baby's chin when feeding or over your shouder when burping.  A great tip is to place a folded one under baby's head when he/she is in the pram or moses basket so the sheets need changing less often.  However, ALWAYS make sure the muslin is securely tucked under the edges of the matress so there is no danger of it becoming loose if baby wriggles.

    Disana Muslins
    2 - Organic breastpads

    Breastpads are a must for new and breastfeeding mums!  Organic, washable breastpads have a number of advantages over disosible ones.

    • Kinder to the skin - as they are plastic and chemical free organic breastpads are great for sensitive skin and for those who prefer to choose organic over synthetic materials.  Silk has natural anti-inflammatory properties and is cooling and soothing next to the skin.
    • Comfortable, soft and breathable - the natural materials of cotton, silk and wool are extremely soft and breathable meaning they can help to prevent infections and soreness.
    • Naturally absorbent - the wool sandwiched between silk and layers or organic cotton are naturally absorbent meaning milk is wicked away from the skin.
    • Kind on your pocket - good qualilty reusable breatpads can be used for more than one baby.  Mine saw me throught two!
    • Great for the environment - unlike disposible pads, organic, resuable pads can be recycled rather than ending up in landfill.

    A top tip is to double up on the pads at night.  I found at least 5 pairs of pads are needed to make sure you always have some handy.

    Disana silk/wool/silk breast pads

    3 - Organic Booby Tubes!

    These amazing Booby Tubes are just the thing for tender or engorged breasts.  Ideal for new mums, those who continue breastfeeding and for when it's time to stop and engorgement is an issue.  Booby Tubes can be used cool from the freezer or warm after being heated in the microwave or oven.  They are incediably comfortable to wear and are made from organic cotton shells filled with natural flaxseed.

    Earth Mama Angel Baby Booby Tubes
    All are available from our shop.
    What feeding esential can you not do without?  Leave a comment below to let us know!
  4. 50% SALE

    Organics for Kids reversible bandana bibs are made from 100% organic cotton and are machine washable with a single popper fastening.

    Now only £4.00

    OFK Bibs-elephants-blueOFK Butterfly-bibOFK Bibs-elephants-green

    OFK Logo

    OFK Bibs-birds-pinkOFK Spotty-bib-blueOFK Spotty-bib-pinkOFK Bibs-birds-raspberry


    Under the Nile produce beuatiful baby clothes made from 100% organic cotton.  Sizes available: newborn-3m and 6-9m.


    Under the Nile Owl Long Sleeve Suit  Under the Nile Logo  Under The Nile Owl Striped Trouser

    Under the Nile Owl Bib UTN Hat OwlUnder the Nile Owl Ring Toy

    Bamboo comforters, muslins and swaddles.  Bamboo is incrediably soft, naturally anti-bacterial and super absorbent.



    RCC Blossom panda  RCC Logo  RCC Puddle panda

    RCC Swaddle     RCC Pebble panda     RCC Bamboo Baby Muslin

  5. These fab 100% natural teethers are a brilliant addition to our existing Lanco range! 

    Made from the natural rubber of the Hevea tree and painted with non-toxic, food grade dyes, Lanco teethers are free of BPA, PVC, Phthalates and Nitrosamines.  Colourful, tactile, soft and easy for little hands to hold these teethers are designed for use from birth and have been designed to appeal to the 5 senses.  They are also eco-friendly, bio-dregradeable and fairtrade!

     Lanco pink chickLanco yellow chick childLanco strawberry
    In addition to the chicks and strawberry teethers we've also added this set of shape teethers to our range.  6 different shaped, soft teethers, each with a gentle squeek when squeezed. Not only do they make great teethers but they are educational too and come in a cotton drawstring bag.
    Lanco shapes
    All are available from our shop.
    Which is your favourite teether?  Leave a comment below to let us know!